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Dr. Zala is a loving dad, husband, and dentist with over 18 years of experience in caring for tiny grins! For him, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing his young patients take pride in their smiles and forging lifelong relationships with the families in his care. Walking alongside you and your little one with integrity, warmth, and a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Zala aims to make every trip to the dentist exciting, educational, and enjoyable for the whole family!

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I took my ten month old to his first dentist appointment here. I was super nervous but the staff was so kind and sweet to my baby. The main dentist was informative and nice and really understanding when it came to my baby crying. At the end of the visit they gave my baby awesome goodies. This place is going to be my child’s permanent dentist office. Thank you Little Smiles of Eastvale!

Serina L.

Little Smiles of Eastvale is a parent’s dream come true. First, the staff is always patient, knowledgeable and friendly with each and every encounter had, whether on the phone or in person they make you feel very comfortable. Secondly, the dentists gives you the option to be involved in the complete process from start to finish with you child. They truly listen to your concerns regarding your children health, oral health and take everything said into consideration while treating your child. They do a very thorough job and give you options & solutions to possible issues while in the process of doing dentistry. I did mention you can be involved, right? Anyway, Third and most importantly, my kids love Little Smiles of Eastvale and looks forward to going for their checkups each time they go. They get so excited to go and they look forward to their dental report cards/certificate and Little Smiles treats/gifts. In conclusion, Little Smiles of Eastvale embodies everything a parent would love to have in a dentist for their child. As mentioned before a parents dream come true, truly.

Maurice D.

My boys have been to two different dentistry’s which I’ve had such horrible experiences with. My oldest is terrified of the dentist due to our prior dentistry’s- he wasn't treated very nicely. With his first dentist visit at Little Smiles of Eastvale, it completely made him change his mind! He even said he never wanted to go back to the other dentist, but to come to this with all the time!!♥️ All the ladies were so great with my boys and so very patient! The boys and I truly enjoyed our visit and we will definitely recommend this place! So clean, kid friendly, and fun!

Yahaira M.

My daughter had the best experience at Little Smiles of Eastvale! Everyone there was so warm and welcoming and made us feel comfortable from the start. The office and exam rooms were set-up so cute and were very clean. Although she is only 3, they were extremely thorough and explained everything they were going to do to my daughter before doing it. After some X-rays and a great cleaning, we met with Dr. Zala. He went over everything with us in detail and I was happy to learn that my daughter remained cavity free. She even received a cute little certificate and a trip to their “treasure chest” to get something fun for being cavity free. Overall great experience and will highly recommend to my fellow mama’s and parents 😊

Bryanna V.

I'm so glad we found a good dentist for my boys who are scared of going to dentists. Because of the pandemic, we didn't visit a dentist for a while. So when we moved to a new city, I was determined to find a dentist who was great with kids. This was the place! From the start, they made the visit as enjoyable as possible and set my boys at ease. My boys picked out what they wanted to watch on TV. There were a few moments where they were a little apprehensive of the dental tools. The dental assistant was great and patient. Dr. Zala was also very personable and friendly with the kids. The best part for them was that after the visit, my boys got coins to put in these little gumball machines for toys. They raved about that. Little Smiles of Eastvale really knows how to win kids over! Overall, I highly recommend this place.

Sophia G.

The staff is amazing very attentive and very friendly. Dr. Zala was very helpful and informative when it came to my sons teeth. He helped me to understand, which allowed me to choose the best option to take care of my son. I love the environment they have for the kids. My son loves to visit and they are never too pushy and so patient with the kids. As far as the actual office it's very clean and sanitary which is a must especially for being a dental office. Overall I am never disappointed leaving little smiles of eastvale because I know they have our best interest at heart.

Lauren O.

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